Tips of matching pearl brooch with fashion capes

Tips of matching pearl brooch with fashion capes

Pearl brooch and capes should be matched in this way, make you more fashionable in this autumn.

Cape is one of the most necessary items for fashionable girls in autumn and winter. It is not only keep you warm, but also the first choice for posture. Don't think that only a shawl is useful for posturing in winter. A small pearl brooch can also make an impression! Have you ever admired the fashion and style of others' capes? As long as you learn the following ways to match the cape with the Pearl brooch, you can also spend the autumn beautifully!

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There is such a brooch, it is purely hand-made works of quality real pearls, it is very vibrant. Brooch used to do the old treatment, light and shade contrast, very retro temperament. With the simple shape, not too complicated, but let purity and serenity be revealed, with freshwater pearls of different sizes to assemble a complete flower shape. It can be hot, transparent, and deep. Using the shape of flower to outline the days of youth.

Take out a fashion cape, put it over your shoulders at will, simple shape, but can use its laziness to mix up a style of street Masters at will. It not only keeps warm but also presents different shapes. It's fashionable and casual. It's suitable for everyday leisure style. Of course, just putting the cape on the shoulder is simple, and it is very inconvenient to move the cape down easily. At this time, put on a simple and generous Pearl brooch can get two results from one effort.

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Leisure style dress is characterized by comfort and comfort, wearing stunning pearl brooch with complex shape, which is suspected to be a minor work, so it is not suitable to match too gorgeous pearl brooch, the style of animal or abstract pearl brooches are full of youthful flavor, they are very popular and become the preferred way for people to express their personality, and are suitable for matching fashionable clothes.

In some major city's prosperous zone, it is often seen that fashionable girls wear a large fashion cape instead of a coat to go shopping. Cloak-style cape is very popular. The effect of cloak on the shoulder is the same as that of coat. It not only keeps warm, but also retains the unique design aesthetic feeling, also improve the elegance a lot. Put the cape on your body (pay attention to the symmetry of the two breasts), pin a long pearl brooch behind your chest, and a DIY cloak jacket will be finished!

In order to pursue the feeling of cloak-style coat, the cape should not be too thin, otherwise as a coat, it seems a little far-fetched. So it's better to wear a thick wool or fur cape!

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You will not be satisfied with the two matching methods in an unusual way! How about a shoulder jacket with a cape DIY? From the red carpet to the street, A-word shoulder dress is like a whirlwind sweeping the fashion circle in a hurry. Perfect A-word shoulder dress, make you full of feminine. If the cape is very large, it's better to fold it, just cover the upper body. If the cape is too long, it will appear that the proportion of your body is not very good.

Following above demonstration, we believe that you have a certain understanding of how to match the cape with the pearl brooch. It seems that it is not difficult to control this trend. Choose your favorite cloak and pearl brooch to welcome autumn and winter together.

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