How to wear pearl jewelry more brilliant at dinner

How to wear pearl jewelry more brilliant at dinner

All kinds of social and dinner occasions are the perfect occasions for beautiful ladies to contend in beauty and fascination. The ladies who attend the evening dinner will surely try their best to show their most beautiful posture. Pearl jewelry is the favorite jewelry of ladies at evening dinner, no matter they are made of nature or cultured pearls. Wearing pearl jewelry can not only reflect the elegance and nobility of personal identity, but also show the gentle and dignified character of women. So how can a lady wear pearl jewelry more brilliantly at a dinner? Now let's see how women wear pearl jewelry.

First of all, the pearl necklace is the most classic Necklace style

Pearl necklace is the most classic of all pearl jewelry styles and the most versatile style for dinner occasions. If you don't want to choose too many fancy matches, freshwater pearl necklace or akoya pearl necklace is the best choice. The round appearance of pearl can express the charm of Pearl necklace. A slightly larger pearl string can show women's dignified charm, while small pearls show women's elegance and agility. However, when choosing Pearl necklaces, it is also important to note that women with thicker necks are better off not choosing a small, short style pearl necklace, which is easy to make their necks look fatter.

Secondly, the match with the dress should be shades affordable.

The most important collocation of pearl jewelry is whether it matches with the dress you choose, so that the final appearance can far exceed the effect of the combination of the two. So before choosing Pearl jewelry, it is better for everyone to determine their own style of dress, dress and pearl jewelry collocation should be shades affordable. Only the coordination of them can show the most beautiful effect in the end. Just like if you choose fancy dress style, it is suitable to match classic and simple pearl jewelry, while simple and elegant, monochrome dress can need luxurious and complicated pearl jewelry style to embellish.

Thirdly, pearl matching is not just the jewelry.

In fact, the use of pearl jewelry is not only to wear it in their neck or wrist, in creating their own evening dinner style, if you have enough time, you can also use your imagination to see what real pearl jewelry can also change. For example, you can make a few delicate pearl earring studs into pearl flowers to decorate your hair, or you can put a long pearl necklace on the waist of your dress. These deliberate decorations will certainly make your whole looks novel and interesting.

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