The Description of our four Major Pearl Types

The Description of our four Major Pearl Types

There are 4 major types of pearls that we offer in our online pearl jewelry store, they are Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, White and Gold South Sea Pearls. Each type of pearl has its own features and unique beauty when they are made into different kind of pearl styles. Before you starting to buy the pearl jewelry here, some informations of those kind of pearls you need to know.

Akoya pearl - This kind of pearls are always with high, bright luster, also they are perfectly round in shapes, there are two colors of the akoya pearls white and black. The cultured akoya pearls are grown in two major saltwater area, Japan and southern China, however, the japanese akoya pearls is well known by its high quality and consistently beautiful looks in the world.

Freshwater pearls - This kind of pearls are grown in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds, predominately in China, they present several beautiful natural colors, and have variety of sizes and shapes frome baroques, buttons to rounds. though the freshwater pearls are rich of its colors and sizes, they are cheaper than the saltwater cultured pearls such as akoya, tahitian and south sea pearls, it is easier to own your wounderful pearl jewelry with competitive price by choosing form the freshwater pearls.

Tahitian Pearls - The tahitian pearls are the most famous pearls well known as the black pearls in the world, the black pearls frequently referred to as the tahitian pearl jewelry, they are highly valued because of their rarity. Tahitian pearls are farmed in the saltwater lagoons of the islands in French Polynesia. The primary body colors range from pale Dove Grey to very Dark Charcoal Grey, and the pearls shimmer with gorgeous overtones of Peacock, Green, Blue-Green, Silver/Steel, Cherry and more.

South Sea pearls - they are farmed in the Pinctada maxima saltwater oyster in australia, which grows up to a foot in diameter at maturity, white and gold color are the major color of the south sea pearls, and they are the largest and most luxurious of pearl type on the market.

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